guarapo de papelón

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guarapo de papelón
refreshing drink made with raw cane sugar dissolved in water
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Phonetic: "/ɹəˈfɹɛʃɪŋ/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To renew or revitalize.

Example: Sleep refreshes the body and the mind.

Definition: To become fresh again; to be revitalized.

Definition: To reload (a document, especially a webpage) and show any new changes.

Definition: To cause (a web browser or similar software) to refresh its display.

Definition: To perform the periodic energizing required to maintain the contents of computer memory, the display luminance of a computer screen, etc.

Definition: To take refreshment; to eat or drink.

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Phonetic: "/ɹəˈfɹɛʃɪŋ/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The action of refresh; refreshment given or received.

Definition: That which gives refreshment.

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Phonetic: "/ɹəˈfɹɛʃɪŋ/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: That refreshes someone; pleasantly fresh and different; granting vitality and energy.

Definition: Serving to refresh, particularly with respect to an electronic screen, or a browser window or similar computer application.

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Phonetic: "/dɹɪŋk/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To consume (a liquid) through the mouth.

Example: He drank the water I gave him.

Definition: (metonymic) To consume the liquid contained within (a bottle, glass, etc.).

Example: Jack drank the whole bottle by himself.

Definition: To consume alcoholic beverages.

Example: Everyone who is drinking is drinking, but not everyone who is drinking is drinking.

Definition: To take in (a liquid), in any manner; to suck up; to absorb; to imbibe.

Definition: To take in; to receive within one, through the senses; to inhale; to hear; to see.

Definition: To smoke, as tobacco.

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Phonetic: "/meɪd/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A grub or maggot.

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Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: Along, together with others, in a group, etc.

Example: Do you want to come with?

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Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: Against.

Example: He picked a fight with the class bully.

Definition: In the company of; alongside, close to; near to.

Example: He went with his friends.

Definition: In addition to; as an accessory to.

Example: She owns a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Definition: Used to indicate simultaneous happening, or immediate succession or consequence.

Example: Jim was listening to Bach with his eyes closed.

Definition: In support of.

Example: We are with you all the way.

Definition: In regard to.

Example: He was pleased with the outcome.

Definition: To denote the accomplishment of cause, means, instrument, etc; – sometimes equivalent to by.

Example: slain with robbers

Definition: Using as an instrument; by means of.

Example: Find what you want instantly with our search engine.

Definition: Using as nourishment; more recently replaced by on.

Definition: Having, owning.

Example: It was small and bumpy, with a tinge of orange.

Definition: Affected by (a certain emotion or condition).

Example: He spoke with sadness in his voice.

Definition: Prompted by (a certain emotion).

Example: green with envy; flushed with success

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Phonetic: "/ɹɔː/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: (sugar refining, sugar trade) An unprocessed sugar; a batch of such.

Definition: A galled place; an inveterate sore.

Definition: (by extension) A point about which a person is particularly sensitive.

Definition: A recording or rip of a show that has not been fansubbed.

Definition: A scan that has not been cleaned (purged of blemishes arising from the scanning process) and has not been scanlated.

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Phonetic: "/ɹɔː/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: (of food) Not cooked.

Definition: (of materials, products, etc.) Not treated or processed; in a natural state, unrefined, unprocessed.

Example: raw cane sugar

Definition: Having had the skin removed or abraded; chafed, tender; exposed, lacerated.

Example: a raw wound

Definition: New or inexperienced.

Example: a raw beginner

Definition: Crude in quality; rough, uneven, unsophisticated.

Example: a raw voice

Definition: (of data) Uncorrected, without analysis.

Definition: (of weather) Unpleasantly cold or damp.

Example: a raw wind

Definition: (of an emotion, personality, etc.) Unmasked, undisguised, strongly expressed

Example: raw emotion

Definition: Candid in a representation of unpleasant facts, conditions, etc.

Example: a raw description of the American political arena

Definition: (of language) Unrefined, crude, or insensitive, especially with reference to sexual matters

Definition: Not covered; bare; bald.

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Phonetic: "/ɹɔː/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: Without a condom.

Example: We did it raw.

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Phonetic: "[kʰeɪn]"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A plant with simple stems, like bamboo or sugar cane, or the stem thereof

Definition: The stem of such a plant adapted for use as a tool

Definition: A rod-shaped tool or device, somewhat like a cane

Definition: Split rattan, as used in wickerwork, basketry and the like

Definition: A local European measure of length; the canna.

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Phonetic: "[kʰeɪn]"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To strike or beat with a cane or similar implement

Definition: To destroy; to comprehensively defeat

Example: Mudchester Rovers were caned 10-0.

Definition: To do something well, in a competent fashion

Definition: To produce extreme pain

Example: Don't hit me with that. It really canes!

Definition: To make or furnish with cane or rattan.

Example: to cane chairs

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Phonetic: "/ˈʃʊɡə(ɹ)/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Sucrose in the form of small crystals, obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet and used to sweeten food and drink.

Definition: A specific variety of sugar.

Definition: Any of various small carbohydrates that are used by organisms to store energy.

Definition: A small serving of this substance (typically about one teaspoon), used to sweeten a drink.

Example: He usually has his coffee white with one sugar.

Definition: A term of endearment.

Example: I'll be with you in a moment, sugar.

Definition: A kiss.

Definition: Effeminacy in a male, often implying homosexuality.

Example: I think John has a little bit of sugar in him.

Definition: Diabetes.

Definition: Anything resembling sugar in taste or appearance, especially in chemistry.

Example: Sugar of lead (lead acetate) is a poisonous white crystalline substance with a sweet taste.

Definition: Compliment or flattery used to disguise or render acceptable something obnoxious; honeyed or soothing words.

Definition: Heroin.

Definition: Money.

Definition: Syntactic sugar.

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Phonetic: "/ˈʃʊɡə(ɹ)/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To add sugar to; to sweeten with sugar.

Example: John heavily sugars his coffee.

Definition: To make (something unpleasant) seem less so.

Example: She has a gift for sugaring what would otherwise be harsh words.

Definition: In making maple sugar, to complete the process of boiling down the syrup till it is thick enough to crystallize; to approach or reach the state of granulation; with the preposition off.

Definition: To apply sugar to trees or plants in order to catch moths.

Definition: To rewrite (source code) using syntactic sugar.

Definition: To compliment (a person).

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Phonetic: "/ˈʃʊɡə(ɹ)/"

Part Of Speech: interjection

Definition: Used in place of shit!

Example: Oh, sugar!

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Phonetic: "/dɪˈzɒlvd/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To terminate a union of multiple members actively, as by disbanding.

Example: The ruling party or coalition sometimes dissolves parliament early when the polls are favorable, hoping to reconvene with a larger majority.

Definition: To destroy, make disappear.

Definition: To liquify, melt into a fluid.

Definition: To be melted, changed into a fluid.

Definition: To disintegrate chemically into a solution by immersion into a liquid or gas.

Definition: To be disintegrated by such immersion.

Definition: To disperse, drive apart a group of persons.

Definition: To break the continuity of; to disconnect; to loosen; to undo; to separate.

Definition: To annul; to rescind; to discharge or release.

Example: to dissolve an injunction

Definition: To shift from one shot to another by having the former fade out as the latter fades in.

Definition: To resolve itself as by dissolution.

Definition: To solve; to clear up; to resolve.

Definition: To relax by pleasure; to make powerless.

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Phonetic: "/dɪˈzɒlvd/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: That has been disintegrated in a solvent

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A position of power or influence, or a way to get it.

Example: His parents got him an in with the company.

Definition: (chiefly in the plural) One who, or that which, is in; especially, one who is in office.

Definition: The state of a batter/batsman who is currently batting; see innings.

Definition: A re-entrant angle; a nook or corner.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To enclose.

Definition: To take in; to harvest.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Located indoors, especially at home or at one's office or place of work.

Example: Is Mr. Smith in?

Definition: Located inside something.

Example: Little by little I pushed the snake into the basket, until finally all of it was in.

Definition: (of the ball or other playing implement) Falling or remaining within the bounds of the playing area.

Example: If the tennis ball bounces on the line then it's in.

Definition: Inserted or fitted into something.

Example: I've discovered why the TV wasn't working – the plug wasn't in!

Definition: Having been collected or received.

Example: The replies to the questionnaires are now all in.

Definition: In fashion; popular.

Example: Skirts are in this year.

Definition: Incoming.

Example: the in train

Definition: (of the sails of a vessel) Furled or stowed.

Definition: Of the tide, at or near its highest level.

Example: You can't get round the headland when the tide's in.

Definition: With privilege or possession; used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin.

Example: in by descent; in by purchase; in of the seisin of her husband

Definition: Currently batting.

Definition: Having familiarity or involvement with somebody.

Example: He is very in with the Joneses.

Definition: Having a favourable position, such as a position of influence or expected gain, in relation to another person.

Example: I think that bird fancies you. You're in there, mate!

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: At or towards the interior of a defined space, such as a building or room.

Example: He ran to the edge of the swimming pool and dived in.

Definition: Towards the speaker or other reference point.

Example: For six hours the tide flows in, then for another six hours it flows out.

Definition: So as to be enclosed or surrounded by something.

Example: Bring the water to the boil and drop the vegetables in.

Definition: Still eligible to play, e.g. able to bat in cricket and baseball.

Example: He went for the wild toss but wasn't able to stay in.

Definition: After the beginning of something.

Example: The show still didn't become interesting 20 minutes in.

Definition: (in combination, after a verb) Denotes a gathering of people assembled for the stated activity, sometimes, though not always, suggesting a protest.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: Used to indicate location, inclusion, or position within spatial, temporal or other limits.

Definition: Into.

Example: Less water gets in your boots this way.

Definition: Used to indicate limit, qualification, condition, or circumstance.

Example: In replacing the faucet washers, he felt he was making his contribution to the environment.

Definition: Used to indicate means, medium, format, genre, or instrumentality.

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Phonetic: "/ˈwoːtə/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A substance (of molecular formula H₂O) found at room temperature and pressure as a clear liquid; it is present naturally as rain, and found in rivers, lakes and seas; its solid form is ice and its gaseous form is steam.

Example: By the action of electricity, the water was resolved into its two parts, oxygen and hydrogen.

Definition: The aforementioned liquid, considered one of the Classical elements or basic elements of alchemy.

Example: And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

Definition: Water in a body; an area of open water.

Example: The boat was found within the territorial waters.

Definition: A body of water, almost always a river.

Definition: A combination of water and other substance(s).

Definition: (in the plural or in the singular) A state of affairs; conditions; usually with an adjective indicating an adverse condition.

Example: The rough waters of change will bring about the calm after the storm.

Definition: A person's intuition.

Example: I know he'll succeed. I feel it in my waters.

Definition: Excess valuation of securities.

Definition: The limpidity and lustre of a precious stone, especially a diamond.

Example: a diamond of the first water is perfectly pure and transparent

Definition: A wavy, lustrous pattern or decoration such as is imparted to linen, silk, metals, etc.

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